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Due to a rogue element (which could be anything- I'm starting from scratch to ensure i get rid of the little bugger), this site was being hijacked, so this page is all there is until I can rewrite it and get something prettier up. I'm hoping to get it all looking a bit nicer, and to give 'The Local' a better home. Please, don't be put off- it'll all be here as soon as I've managed to sort out the mess...



November 16th 2005, 17.00 GMT

UPDATE: As of friday 18th Nov, I've managed to redo 'The Local', and the archives should now be working okay. Note- not all the buttons above are working yet...

UPDATE 30/11/05: While you're waiting, why not go and have a look at this:

apathy unlimited- cartoons for the 'meh' generation.